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Why Online Training?

"Life is Movement...  Train For Life!"

On-Line Fitness Coaching and Training

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It' time to take action on those intentions. There's no excuse -- Online personal training is perfect for those of you that have some motivation, but maybe travel often, or have schedules that prevent you from keeping consistent training appointments.  Online personal training offers you professionally designed and customized training plans  to optimize your time while ensuring your results. 

Below are some testimonials from a few of my many clients.  Please click on their name for the full testimonial.

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Why Larkin Fitness?

Fact is, anybody can pay a minimal amount of money, pass a test and call himself or herself a certified personal trainer.  The reality is, there is much more that goes into becoming a credible and quality fitness professional.

When you make the decision to hire a certified personal trainer, whether it be on-line or in person, you have just hired a new member of your health care team just like your family physician, dentist, physical therapist, massage therapist, etc. And just like those above-mentioned health care providers you should do your research and look for certain qualifications, and credentials.  There are hundreds of personal training certifications out there that require no prerequisites and just a little bit of money and Joe Blow down the street can now be a personal trainer. 

I will only recommend the following 3 certifying organizations within the industry that are accredited, require a 4 year degree, are researched (evidence) based, and require extensive continued educations to maintain their standards:

NSCA- National Strength and Conditioning Association (
NASM- National Academy of Sports Medicine (
ACSM- American College of Sports Medicine (

In addition to having a Bachelors degree in Exercise Sports Science, I am a sports medicine professional as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).  I also hold 2 fitness certifications (CSCS, and NSCA-CPT), a number of “equipment” certifications, and I am on the exam development committee for the NSCA… basically, I write the test, and I train the trainers!

With all that said, obtaining one of these certifications is only the beginning.  A quality personal trainer will be a non-stop student of the profession.  I recommend to my trainers that they attend at a minimum of 3 continuing education workshops/ seminars per year.  And I can't say enough about experience.  Bottom line is, I don't care how smart you are or how high you tested on certain test.  There are certain things you just can't learn in school, and that is where experience comes into play.  The more you have the better you will be.  I have been training clients for over 18 years (~15,500 sessions!) And most importantly, your personal trainer must have Passion! And the extraordinary commitment to helping other.  One thing I stress to myself and my trainers is that "the client doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care".

Jimmy B:

The first time I had to swing my legs over the bed and stand up I thought of all the core exercises that I had been doing…Once the doc saw that I could walk with minimum discomfort he let me go after one night in the hospital where the average stay is around two to three for my type of surgery.  My doctors and nurses all said that I was in good physical shape for the surgery.  I thank you for this Scotty and should be ready to work out again in just a couple of more weeks...Click to read more.


Last year I was a 58 year old women.  Today I am a 58 year old young women...Knowing that I wasn't a real exercise fan I hired a personal trainer, Scott, 2 times a week...My goal was to complete a 600 mile cycle in Oregon in to read more


Even though I used to be a personal trainer, I signed up to become a trainee.  Everyone asks me why, and I respond that it's because I, like most other people, need the self-discipline and the form corrections...His individual exercises and the programs are extremely creative and are related to the goals we discussed together when I began... click to read more.