The Celtic Trinity Knot, or the “Triquetra” represent Larkin Fitness.  In Latin, the “Triquetra” is translated as “three-cornered”.  There are many schools of thought when discussing the Celtic trinity knot meaning.  At Larkin Fitness the three corners represent: Strength Training, Nutrition, and Recovery.

When viewing the Celtic knot, you will notice no beginning and no end.  Like the Celtic knot, fitness and the pursuit of a clean, healthy lifestyle is an endless journey.  Through this infinite cycle you will learn and be reminded of the importance of strength training, nutrition, and the recovery process as it relates to optimal fitness.

Nutrition: Probably the most important corner in optimal fitness success.  The food that we put into our bodies is the fuel that powers our success.  Despite what marketing in the media tells us, there is no magic pill or “get fit quick” nutritional plan.  All of our bodies are unique and need be treated as such nutritionally.  Larkin fitness will educate their clients on the importance of “real” whole foods from quality sources.  There is no diet here, just a plan that teaches clean, healthy eating habits.

Strength Training:  Designing a successful exercise program is just as much an “art” as it is science.  All of our programs have a foundation of evidence-based science combined with over 15 years of practical application experience.  We periodize our programs to ensure continual improvement to minimize plateau and decrease chance of injuries.

We believe in training the entire movement pattern, only isolating and training specific muscles when needed.  We design training programs that integrate movements that will mimic the movements required to be successful in our careers, athletic events, and everyday living.

Recovery:  Basic exercise science tells us to increase strength, endurance, performance, etc. we much apply the SAID Principle.  It is an acronym, which stands for Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demand. It means that when the body is placed under some form of stress, it starts to make adaptations that will allow the body to get better at withstanding that specific form of stress in the future.  Without adequate recovery and regeneration our bodies will continue to breakdown under this stress and ultimately result in injury or delayed results.  Your program will include prescribed recovery techniques such as stretching, mobilization, and proper sleep.


My name is Scott Larkin.  I am a certified Athletic Trainer (ATC), and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).  I have had the opportunity to change lives in the physical therapy and health club setting since 1998.  During this time I had the privilege to gain knowledge and experience first as a full time personal trainer and then as the the Director of Personal Training at one of the best and most well respected health clubs in the world, Gainesville Health and Fitness, in Gainesville, Fl. 

Everyday I wake up and live by the following mission: "I will use my knowledge, leadership, and experience to empower people to live better and grow professionally".  I specialize in pre and post-rehab program design, sports performance strength and conditioning, and periodized programing for the "everyday" athlete.

My Background

I was fortunate to know what my professional path would be early in life... or so I thought.  I have been active an athletic my entire life.  When I was 14, I had my ankle severely broken while playing in a soccer tournament.  During the rehabilitation process I was introduced to and worked with Aaron Mattes.  This interaction and experience opened my eyes to how people can impact you in a positive way during a less than positive time.  After a lengthy ankle rehab process I was able to return to the field, not only with a stronger ankle, but also a career path in physical therapy.

By the time I started college at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!!), I realized that athletic training was the path I really wanted to take.  I realized that prevention was the key.  As an athletic trainer I am able to reach these athletes before they get injured and help them build a bigger and better athlete...

After about 3 years of working in the physical therapy setting, I again realized that I needed to reach these "everyday athletes" before they received injuries.  This led me to Gainesville Health and Fitness.

After 15 years of personal training and strength and conditioning it was time for a new challenge.  After my family and I relocated to Auburn Alabama, I went back to my sports medicine roots and began working for Auburn University and the Warrior Athletic Training program.  Here I had the incredible honor and priviledge to help our Soldiers as a Military Athletic Trainer working with the OCS students at Fort Benning, in Columbus Georgia, U.S. Army.

In 2015 the opportunity to join the Oranetheory Fitness family opened and I was eager to jump into it.  Adding the experience of opening a new facility from the ground up and sharpening my saw with Heart rate based interval training has been a very challenging and rewarding experience.  I look forward to expanding the "Orange Nation"!

I have found my passion and my direction!!  Being able to help people on a daily basis truly is a life changing and rewarding blessing.

Scott Larkin, ATC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Scott Larkin, ATC, CSCS, NSCA-CPT

Our Philosophy